Uber everywhere, but now in Tri-Cities?

Legacy One Insurance is ready with Safeco’s RideShare Coverage.

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So you’re a rideshare driver, generating extra income or maybe even working full-time using your personal vehicle to transport others. You love the freedom of setting your own hours and traversing the city with interesting people in tow. What you might not love? The gap in your auto insurance coverage that happens when you drive for a transportation network company (TNC), such as Uber or Lyft.

Nearly every carrier’s auto policies exclude coverage for incidents that occur when a personal vehicle is used to transport paying passengers, such as during ridesharing.

Sharing Your Ride Now Comes With a Little More Protection

Where’s Your Coverage Gap?

The entire time your TNC app is on, your personal auto policy is suspended. Your TNC does provide coverage, but only for the period of time between accepting the passenger and dropping off the passenger. No passenger, no coverage for your vehicle and any damages or injuries you may sustain or cause.

Rideshare Graphic

Safeco RideSharing Coverage steps in to cover you between passengers, effectively closing the gap.

Safeco RideSharing Coverage Fills in the Gap – and Then Some

1. Extend your personal auto policy: With Safeco RideSharing Coverage, you get nearly the same coverage during applicable ridesharing activities as you do any other time you drive. Most of the coverages and options you selected for your Safeco auto policy extend to your RideSharing Coverage.

2. Cover your ridesharing gap for mere cents a day: You’ll likely pay less than $10 a month for Safeco RideSharing Coverage, which is currently available in Colorado, Illinois and Indiana and will expand to additional states soon.

3. Identify which vehicle you use for ridesharing: Your RideSharing Coverage will only apply to the vehicle specified on your policy. If you have other vehicles insured with Safeco, the coverage will not apply to them unless you purchase coverage for each one.

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